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July 4th, 2013, 22:32
Huh? You won't buy a game because Google thinks that the publisher's mail is junk?
If nothing, that's the most original excuse I've ever heard.

The game is fun. Basically it is sneaking your way through areas and unlocking new skills with XP. Playstyle is very similar if you went onto sneaking role in DX:HR. Mobs don't respawn! Graphics is not spectacular, but it's not bad either, in fact it has some strange style of it's own I actually like. Music (ingame) while effective, is not very memorable.

Played the game for 4 hours, solved the first "dungeon" completely, were thorough about collecting stuff (8 PDA plus books for 1 sideassignment, killed all hostiles without raising alarm except two early I've skipped deliberately). The game never crashed, I've seen no glitches, stutters or whatever and the only possible bug is that I needed to put 2 points into a skill where it says I need only 1 (but could be I've misunderstood something there). All settings are on highest possible and I've upped default resolution to 1680x1050 (GTX 560).

Oh, and one thing more… The game supports 3D. That explains the price. However, since I don't care for that stuff, I'll never receive this achievement:
3D trendsetter
Experienced the game in Virtual Reality.
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