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July 5th, 2013, 03:36
Originally Posted by RedSocialKnight View Post

So if the best thing that can be said about an aspect of the game is that it's "unobtrusive enough to be ignored" why on earth take the time and trouble and money to implement that feature?
because - as you may not have noticed - there are people who like this feature (therefore "the best you can say" is a fallacy).

There's also the majority of backers who have remained silent on this matter, and I don't think you want to suggest removing every feature that they remain silent on.

actually require planning and increase challenge.
except if this feature never was intended to "increase challenge". It was intended, as has been implied by JE Sawyer, as a money sink, and it's a good one. It ensures that fighting more doesn't naturally result in more money, not by necessity anyway.




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