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July 5th, 2013, 14:54
As you probably guessed, the text cited in my previous post was the source code for the "Hello world" program written in the programming language "Ook". Ook is an example of a so-called "esoteric" programming langue, and is based on "brainfuck" (or "brainf*** if you prefer that), which basically moves a pointer up and down an array of memorycells, incrementing or decrementing the value in the cell under the pointer. Read all about Ook here: http://esolangs.org/wiki/Ook

The wiki itself contain hundreds and hundreds of similar languages.

I'm especially fascinated by "PI", where the source code is based on the number, and the commands are written into it as single digit errors. Here's "Hello world" written in PI:

3.141592653589793238422643323272502884127169399275 13582397492459230721640628220899867803480534311206 29821483865332223366470908446395535832317223594083 28483117250284103701938531105259644602948952930321 96422880097562591344612147514823378178346528120090 21456285664234613486134553226482133236073603491413 73724287006636315584174481523923962229254591705364 32789259026051133013014882046252138214295194153160 24320522703627595939530921261373219226137931021185 58074402379462749527351825752734891227438483011349 12983467436444065634308652133494633522473749030217 386093370277033921317659317670238267581846066440

pibbur who claims the first command is an erroneous '6' in position 21 (after the '.'). the start of a loop. In the true spirit of mathematics, the rest is left as an "excercise for the reader".
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