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July 5th, 2013, 15:11
cab, it's okay don't worry about that.
But you should have brought this up before, not 7 days before the project ends.

My problem is that I despise every kind of unstoppable mobrespawning in games. Which was invented because it's easier for devs not to create much of different content, instead players are forced to grind same ol' mobs over and over again. It's not stated on KS page, but you say it's jrpg, so I assume grinding is the major part of the game.
That's why I won't back this KS project. Sorry.

One thing though… If you (assuming you're involved with the game team) decide to restart the KS project in the future, make the presentation more compact, more interesting and without stuff not really connected with the game. While pics of Sandy would look nice on CNN, you're presenting a game here, not what hurricanes can do to a wooden house. I do feel sad seeing what happened to one of devs, but please.
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