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July 5th, 2013, 19:16
Scrounging for resources is a totally legitimate design method and durability can be a part of it as can food and drink. The challenge works best when there's scarcity as in SysShock 2 but still creates a reasonably compromised verisimilitude of scrounging vs boring chores.

Regarding food and water: New Vegas treated these resources right in hardcore. The stuff was nearly useless and pointless in F3 (and unintentionally reduced the emotional impact of the games main story: scarcity of safe, potable water; it would have been a very different game if you were constantly trying to balance dehydration with maintain anti-rad supplies and really really valued clean water… cool, clear water).

I think in any heavy-simulated RPG that if you're simulating large portions of a character's life, having food but no starvation makes food a useless backdrop of cruft. And leaving out food entirely reduces the verisimilitude of the game's focus. It's gotta be there. Otherwise one might as well go home and play old Final Fantasy games. Those don't have food.
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