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July 6th, 2013, 02:55
Driftmoon is a relatively recent indie RPG with a rules-light system and a rather humorous tone.

Graphics & sound
The graphics in Driftmoon is bright & colourful, and while the game does not use the latest and most technically advanced game engine, it does look pleasant, and everything is clearly identifiable. The graphical style does suit the game's tone and is quite pleasing to the eyes, even if it won't wow anyone.

As for the game's sound, the sound effects are functional but not spectacular and the music is calming and again, fits the tone of the game. I would have wished for the music to have played a bit more often though, although I guess the slightly limited soundtrack means that if the music would have played all the time, it might have started to get repetitive.

Driftmoon has a rather rules-light system, which makes it well suited for beginners to the genre. There are 5 different stats, and all rather obvious in what they do (strength increases melee damage, constitution gives you hit points), and a small skill-tree with some rather self explanatory skills.

The combat system does suffer from being a bit on the simplistic side though, you swing, and if you have the mana for it, you can also use some special abilities. Alternatively you can use a bow, which generally means moving away from the enemies while shooting. There are no spells in the game, so for those who want to play a mage-type character, that is not possible. On the plus side, the game encourages you to both use your bow & your melee weapon, which does add some variety.

The games has quite a few puzzles, though none of them were very challenging. Puzzles includes navigating a maze, a slider puzzle, riddles and so on, so there is at least a good amount of variety to them. But it would have been nice if they had been a bit more challenging.

Story & Setting
The story is relatively simple. A big evil has come to your village and petrified all of its inhabitants. You need to find this big evil, kill it, and save the village. Obviously things get more complicated, as the big evil has managed to wreck some havoc in other places of the world as well.

What sets the setting apart from that of other CRPGs is its tone. A lot of the dialogue has a rather humorous tone to it, and there are also many other silly elements to it (you gather goldfishes on land because they give you power?), and the characters do seem to be slightly aware of how odd some things are, but without breaking the 4th wall (why are for an example the most common fruit in the setting known as "evil berries"?). There are also some references to other CRPGs, like Ultima 7 in the game, and if you know a thing or two about Finland, some things in the game might seem familiar.

Closing words
Driftmoon is a short and rather easy CRPG, and its simple rule system might bore some CRPG-veterans, but for beginners or people who just want something simple to play, it will probably provide a few hours of entertainment. It is also not a very expensive game, and it does have support for modding (and there are a few mods out there for the game).
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