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July 6th, 2013, 03:42
FF7 is hardly the pinnacle. It seems most fans go for 9, 10, or 12, with 9 being the cutsy pure fantasy game, 10 being the teenage angst game, and 12 being the serious complicated political game. 4 and 6 get honorable mention for being brilliant of course, just too old and archaic in design to really compare to the modern titles.

That being said, I love FF7 merely for nostalgia's sake. However, playing it again reveals how poorly paced and tedious it is. Using an emulated version is so vastly superior since you can fast forward through the constant random battles.

It would have been cool if they offered built-in fast forward like the Japanese only International version of FFXII. (FFXII being the greatest FF ever, we all can agree! Just kidding on the agree part…)

Anyway…I must now state that I'm playing FFXIII finally and I'm really enjoying it, so perhaps I've lost my mind. But FFXIII is so insanely visually beautiful in native 1080p, so it at least wins the visuals award.
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