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July 6th, 2013, 13:06
Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
So I just finished the campaign, and for the most part I will hold steady with my initial thoughts. It should also be noted that I figured out how to rotate the camera, both on the tactical map and also the world map. Helped quite a bit, as you might expect…

My only other comment about the game itself is that it would be nice to have a fast travel option. Running back and forth to the keep really got old when you can only see about 6 inches in any direction. Another option would be to allow movement using the world map, with auto-camp enabled.

On a historical note, I'm kind of curious as to why the game seemed to ignore the Yucatan Mayan cities like Cozumel, Tulum, Chichen Itza. I realize the Mayans were not featured here (Aztecs) and that their civ had pretty much collapsed by the conquistador period, but many were still significant cities in Mexico. And then to include Masaya (modern day Nicaragua, 1300 miles south of Tenochtitlan!) as this vast volcanic landscape… It's just weird that they had that in there but left other stuff out.

Anyway, fun game to muck around with between other titles and worth the $20.
I finished it a while ago, but I read in the last patch they added (or were about to add) not exactly fast travel, but you could click on the map and the group would auto walk there, among other things. Not sure if the patch is already out or not.

Maybe the sequel will do the Mayans
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