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July 6th, 2013, 14:30
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post

It's a shame that so many people never played Final Fantasy prior to FF7. FF IV, V, and VI were the true classics.

The series began to get dumbed down starting with FF7. Smaller parties, and gameplay began to take a backseat to cinematics.

I still enjoyed FF7, but I could barely bring myself to finish FF8. I had high hopes for FF9 when they announced that the series was "returning to its roots", but I was disappointed by the silly Disney-like characters.

FFX was a joke. It was like watching a CGI movie with bits of gameplay scattered about. I never finished it nor any FF title since.
I totally agree with you and IV through VI were my most favorite of the games and I absolutely hated 10 but you should have tried XII since it is really good and has a much bigger focus on the gameplay then most of the other Final Fantasy games.

PS. If you can run PCSX2 there is an English patch for Final Fantasy XII International version which makes the text fully in English and the audio already is in English. I have been playing that and it works really well in the emulator.

PPS. I would even recommend Final Fantasy XII to people that dislike jrpgs since it isn't like any other jrpg.
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