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July 7th, 2013, 16:31
Well, I got into Lam last night and messed around with Mirys and a newly created Cleric.

While the enhancements are now less laggy and easier to see everything (as well as where you can go), it's harder to tell what they are, even accounting for the string table errors and lack of icons that will make it live.

Druid enhancements came through largely intact; like all casters they lost their spell power. They did gain a dps boost for melee Druid builds, but that's it.

Clerics came through significantly worse. It is very expensive to get to the burst, and the Aura - being tier 5 - locks you into a RS-focus. Divine disciple at least does have a small spell power line, 18% Universal or 27% to light or negative energy spells. Considering you can get 80% on live now, for only one more ap(9ap vs 10sp), this sucks. RS gives 1% per point spent in the tree (so likely 40 or so, plus IIRC there were some boosts in the tree).

Half-orcs look to become scarce as people TR out of them. Their enhancements suck.

Two positive things are that Toughness is no longer mandatory; you get up to an extra 20hp as you level, 5 at every 5 class levels. And the Dragonmarks now can be opened up to the max level via enhancements (which aren't too expensive, only 10ap to get CLS for a Half-Elf). So that may become more viable for some, vs now where the three feat cost is simply too high.
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