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July 7th, 2013, 17:13
And the Lamannia client has given me my first BSOD on the new system!

Monks now make all other melees irrelevant. Especially those gimped, worthless S&B tanks.

Mureall was able to pull 80PRR, 25% concealment, 25% Dodge, out of it. Without losing her core Shintao abilities (still has all of the DR bypasses). Also, you can improve the Healing Ki finisher, doing Lesser Restoration, Cure Blindness, Disease, or Curse . At the end of that line is the Raise Dead clicky, expensive and now available at a much later level, but still there.

The only thing I did lose was the 20% monk Healing amp, I think it's stuffed into Mystic.

In addition, the upper-tier stances are now auto-granted as feats; not sure of the level but I had to go looking for them.
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