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July 7th, 2013, 20:06
Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
Edit: On the game: My first few hours were full of negative remarks but after getting to Neverwinter things got better, mostly due to habit and a more involving plot. With that being said the game is still the worst executed RPG (from a technical point of view) I've played in years. Slowest start ever, a crime of a camera system, useless autosave and most importantly an overall awkwardness that makes me feel the game doesn't want to be at times in 3D and at others a video-game at all. I certainly understand remember why it didn't grab me the first time and gladly realize my unfamiliarity with DnD had absolutely nothing to do with it. I've now gotten used to fighting the game so I can concentrate on the good bit. Oh and I hate Qara more than any companion in any RPG (even Mud) although I guess that's a good thing. If I get the chance I might turn chaotic evil just to murder her, slowly.
I found most of companions from OC to be annoying with exception
but I found it enjoyable nevertheless, on the other hand MotB has only 4 companions(or 3 if you kill Okku), and all of them are well written.So if even if you don't like OC I recommend to give MotB a chance, until Torment: Tides of Numenera comes out it's closest thing to spiritual successor of PS:T imo.
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