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July 8th, 2013, 18:00
There's a ton of camera options and adjustments. I'd definitely check those out, as the default settings aren't all that. You can get the camera to perform almost any way you want, but it takes a bit of tweaking.

As for characters, I'd honestly go with a Cleric, Favored Soul or similar the first time, mainly because healers have always been extremely powerful in D&D. It just makes life a bit easier.

As far as skill checks go: Only Storm of Zehir allows you to use companions during conversations. The skill checks of your main character is the only thing that matters in both the OC and MotB, and the most used skill by far is Diplomacy. You can safely ignore pretty much every other stat and skill and still get the most out of almost every conversation. This tactic won't work at all in Storm of Zehir, but it will in OC and MotB.

The easiest way to really breeze through all conversations is probably to play a Favored Soul. They use Charisma as their primary casting stat and, unlike the Sorcerer, actually have Diplomacy as a class skill.
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