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July 8th, 2013, 21:55
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
Added it to list but like Larry it looks like this KS didn't deliver either.
Not sure what you mean by that. Reviews of Leisure-suit Larry are mixed among game publications, but it seems pretty solidly popular among backers and fans of the series. Most of the negatives in the reviews I've found seem aimed at warning people unfamiliar with the game or the kickstarter that it might not be for them. It seems like it delivered exactly what was advertised, though I can see someone being disappointed if they expected it to be something other than an overhaul of a crude-humor-based 20 year old game.

Also might help to note that it is not a new game in the series but a modernization/visual and content update of the first game. It is not supposed to be a continuation or a new entry in the series. I would still say that it does stand out though as a kickstarter that is decidedly in the nostalgia camp in terms of both what was promised and what was delivered, with a lack of appeal beyond the niche audience.
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