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July 8th, 2013, 23:39
Originally Posted by Maylander View Post
This error can be cause by quite a few different issues actually. In my case it was a simple matter of the GPU being a bit too strong for the games I was playing, so it ended up going into idle mode and Win 7 decided it would be a brilliant move to swap to the integrated Intel GPU. I hate those things, they've caused so much trouble for me. If only there was a way for Windows to never even take the damn thing into consideration.

Anyway, the solution for me was to manually increase the idle GPU speed so it was always considered active. The idle speed is usually set to 157/300, and I think I pretty much doubled that. However, it's a simple matter of experimenting - you want it set high enough to never get the error, but not so high it'll grow hot or become too loud.
Thank you Maylander, I think this might be the issue! Rummaging around in my control center, my idle speeds are 157/300, just as you said. I would be willing to bet that this is causing the problem. Unfortunately, while I can manually increase high performance clock speeds, I can't seem to edit idle speeds from the control center. The only guide I found on google was for a different/much older version of the control center. If it's not too much trouble, would you mind explaining how you altered this yourself?

edit: I think I figured out how to edit the idle speeds - I created a new preset (used to be called "profile," which is what was throwing me off), and looking at the performance tab in "AMD Vision Engine Control Center," it is displaying higher idle clock speeds. I went from 157/300 to 250/450, and will post again with the results.

edit2: Just got the error again…will try higher idle speed of 350/600.
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