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July 9th, 2013, 04:55
Yes, thats why we want to do a very small area for the first installment.
Basically a small outpost (fantasy) or archeological dig site camp (pulp/noir), and then a small section of either a dungeon or temple/crypt ruin. And by small section just a couple dozen rooms or so. There will not be many locations to have to design and code that way.
Most coding can focus on environmental interaction and dialogue.
And by only having like 10-20 NPCs there won't be books worth of dialogue.

Also, we will keep the graphics basic for now, most likely 2.5 D or Neverwinter Nights quality at best.

We have a team, I am the Creative Director, I do Animation, some pixel art, can script in Javascript or Python, and Story/Quest/Level/Character Design, a Producer who codes C++, and other C programmer, and a couple of artists. We can add to this team if necessary to accomplish these goals.
In all, I would rather create a very small area with a few characters and many additional options and interactive capabilities rather then a full large world with standard Computer game interactions.

This way we can create an Alpha build, and have people play it and provide feedback, or even a demo.

I think we can do it if we keep focused on a small world to start and complete just that. I am glad that the concept sounds good in theory for now.

Any thoughts on if a pulp/archeologist adventure rpg theme would appeal to most RPG gamers? I would like to explore that setting as something different, yet familiar with much potential to discover in RPGs.

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Sounds great but it's probably way too much to do for a first game. Been making turn based RPG a long time now and that's hard enough. Doing all the qfg stuff will make you a god if you complete it but there's a reason no one makes games like that any more - it's a ton of work and also you'll probably come to realize you are wasting your time doing anything but C++ to attempt it, adding in way more effort than yet another shooter with stats.
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