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July 9th, 2013, 14:01
I ought to open a separate thread but then again, better to keep some stuff in one place.

In the thread about DX iphone game I've said I'll never buy it as I think it's scandalous and instead I've deliberately installed something I'd never install on my iPhone - a free game.
It's called Paradise Cove. And it's actually not free but is very expensive - you get bombarded by popups buy this and buy that.
However, for that one and all such obviously false advertised games there are hacks that allow you to really play it for free, the whole game. Now a question.

If someone, not me because I don't care for smartphone frauds, hacks a game that's advertised as free and gets everything inside for free, what would happen if that one was sued by the publisher/developer? Would court punish the "hacker" who has a "free" game completely free, or would drop the charges because of false advertisment? Or something else?

Although this might be an odd question from someone who pukes on mentioning any smartphone game, the answer could be important. Because frauds like these on smartphones, so called free2play, are not uncommon on PC. Haven't heard someone hacked f2p PC game and made it completely free, but in case it happens, what would the court do?
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