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July 9th, 2013, 17:41
Originally Posted by Lemonhead View Post
I've seen Chris Avellone say that he's tired of fantasy and wants to do other settings. Such as a high school RPG. Don't know what interview it was, there are thousands of themů

I must say I was a little surprised that they went with such a traditional fantasy setting with PE considering that they've said they're tired of fantasy. Obsidian was scared people wouldn't back a different setting?
I think they were, sort of - or rather, I think it's their bid to gain some independence, and they know full well that for all die hard's like us say, classic fantasy still sells best. As does nostalgia, hence the heavy Infinity Engine game related ptich.
I don't know, but I consider it likely that they invest some of what little liquidity they have into this game as well, or are likely to go into debt if they are not super fast with development. They may become more daring if PE succeeds and they have some funds of their own.
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