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July 9th, 2013, 19:17
I wanted to love this game - and I actually did for a while during my first play through - but after getting over the fact I was actually playing a Star Wars RPG(!), I just couldn't get over the disappointment at the ridiculously easy combat and the limited environments. Yes, you get to visit several planets, but you only get to one area in each and most of the game's locations felt small and cramped.

Also, it didn't matter which class you chose, they pretty much all played the same after a while.

I enjoyed KOTOR II much more due to more interesting characters, better writing, slightly more difficult combat encounters, more conversation options, and some areas felt a little more open, less linear.

Still, the first one was a great first Star Wars RPG with a good story. I would kill for a 3rd game, preferably made by Obsidian.
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