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July 10th, 2013, 03:53
Originally Posted by Dr. A View Post
Well, it sounds interesting to me

The setting does remind me somewhat of Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis. But that's a good thing!

Oh and another D in my philosophy is DETAIL. Since you have a smaller and therefore more manageable scope, it would be great if you could add little details to everything (art style, models, particle effects, story, landscape, etc). These tend to help greatly with immersion.
Yes, Indy and the fate of Atlantis is an inspiration, others are Pulp books like the Doc Savage, man of bronze books, and then later I would like to include inspiration from the comics series "Planetary" where they find a version of Doc Savage that has been trapped in a base for 40 plus years. Whereas Doc Savage was a human with extraordinary abilities adventuring in the pulp era of WW II, with things such as Weird science as a part of the setting. The tabletop RPG "Forbidden Kingdoms" describes many aspects of the setting.

And detail, yes that's the other facet that we want to fully develop in the game(s) with a smaller scope overall, and put time into the little details that make a game emulate appropriate aspects from the real world where they fit.

Oh, yeah and that's your quote, I saw it the other day, thought it was a great quote, and posted it, was in a hurry and did not mention you, should have my bad.
To sum it up, I feel our space program ended up like this. "It's one small step for man. One giant leap for man kind. Oops I fell on my butt after that leap and can't get up anymore."
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