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July 10th, 2013, 04:44
Like tuuka says, consideration should be taken with the wealth of options you are providing to the player. As long as it doesn't negatively impact the gameplay, more options are great. But spending too much time in constructing specifics might be wasteful if the player almost never chooses that path. Yet I am conflicted - I think having many possible options is a good thing in any event.

In my opinion while the term "heavily scripted" has negative connotations associated with it, technically speaking it is just semantics. Scripting is ultimately part of the game engine. As long as it seamlessly manipulates the game world, I have no issue with it.

I think you should try to push beyond RPG tropes and make some aspect of your game innovative. While inspiration from other games is fine and admirable, be sure not to lose your game's identity. You do not want it to be "one of a million RPGs" but rather "one IN a million RPGs"

For your game specifically, I would suggest heavy elements of investigative gameplay. For e.g. What is this artifact - can someone tell me more about it? Maybe some researcher's notes will shed light on it? What can I surmise based on my own current abilities? I've encountered a trap/puzzle in the dungeon - what are the clues to solving it?

A feature I would request is elaborate and instructive feedback on failed skill checks. So instead of "Lockpicking failed" or "Your lock-picking skill is not high enough", you could say "The mechanism proves too difficult for your fumbling fingers and snaps your lockpick. You may need a better lockpick or more importantly, greater skill at using one"
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