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Default Project Eternity - Post-funding Update #59, Meet Polina Hristova

July 10th, 2013, 19:26
In this latest update for Project Eternity you can find a short Q&A with Creature Concept Designer Polina Hristova, who really likes her creatures.

Q: What is your typical work day like on Project Eternity?
A: I guess in comparison to most, my work day is pretty simple. I get to draw pretty pictures. The days differ based on the assignment and I do sometimes change my methods since creativity does flow differently day to day, but my general pipeline goes like this: I meet with Josh and the designers to get a description on what I'd be working on. Sometimes these descriptions can range from a simple word to an extremely detailed description on facial structure, hair length and color, outfit, tattoos, amount of skin pores… (okay I'm exaggerating the skin pore part)… and anywhere in between. I'll also talk with the animators if the creatures would share rigs or any other potential problems we can have (it's best to design with these problems in mind than having to change the design a lot later). After that (and depending on schedule) I'll do a number of variants fitting the description and summon a mini-character scrum (Josh, the designers, Rob, our modelers, and our animators). Together they'll discuss any problems or make any suggestions and pick a variant that I'll take to final.

Q: What are you most looking forward to on Project Eternity?
A: I am really looking forward to playing it. But for now I'm really just enjoying watching the game come to reality. I love watching peoples' creations come to life and I give many props to our modelers and animators for all their hard work. I love how they animated skuldr and his sneaky "I'm gunna getcha!" walk.

Q: Which Project Eternity creature that you have concepted excites you the most?
A: This question's a trick question. Creatures all excite me. I LOVE creatures, aliens (not relative) and things that go bump in the night. I guess if you had to make me pick right now I would have to say the drake. but I have a weakness for dragons and itís also the thing most current in my brain. I also really enjoyed designing the godlike heads.
More information.
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