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July 10th, 2013, 20:55
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Powerful tablet docked with keyboard is basically a laptop, isn't it?

Laptops have already replaced "workstations" a long time ago for the vast majority of casual users - and even many mainstream users.

Sure, in the future - tablets will be powerful enough to do all desktop work, and they very nearly are already - but for actual work, the practical implication is that you're using a laptop. If the word "tablet" is important because you can separate it from the keyboard and the larger screen - then I'm ok with that. I'd agree we're headed in a direction that's more mobile and convenient - regardless of what we choose to call the computers.

But holding a small device in your hands and interacting only in that way will never replace PCs - at least not until voice recognition or brain signal interpretation is perfect.

Besides, it will take quite a leap to get the gaming industry to move away from the Windows platform - though I suppose it could happen if the incentive was there.

But even laptops suffer from being very inferior in performance to a workstation of a similar price level. Which means they'd have to target lower performance hardware - and that'd mean less impressive games. Nah, there's always going to be a market for games that take advantage of high-end hardware - but it might not be all that big in the future. It's already been heavily reduced from the 90s - where companies like Origin always pushed the envelope - because they didn't need to worry about consoles.
On the topic of tablets being able to handle PC games, etc., no one has heard of the Ultrabook? In the UK I hear they are still called netbooks because of their size.

The Windows 8 tablets are able to handle some very fine writing, which is why my co-worker got one for med school.

I think maybe the real problem is iOS and Android really aren't PC operating systems just as Pocket Windows wasn't.
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