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July 11th, 2013, 08:40
Originally Posted by Drithius View Post
Well, to be fair, the game was in production for nearly three years by what Activision must have felt was a risky and relatively unproven developer. It only made good business sense to draw a line in the sand at some place.
I'm not disagreeing with you, because this point completely makes sense. But this is where I would like to add that this is why it is so unfortunate that people purely on the "business side" of the industry typically have little to no serious background or passion in gaming and also lack credible game development knowledge. Every project should be viewed as its own separate entity, and whether or not the project should have its budget or development time increased should hinge on the potential and progress of the individual project itself. Someone with a game development background and a passion for the hobby can recognize when a project is simply treading water, failing to sustain momentum and continue making progress. It's also probably pretty obvious when a game is such a mess that no amount of additional time could save the project.

VTM:B obviously wasn't in a disastrous, un-salvageable, terrible mess of a state where the publisher would be justified in cutting its losses and ending development on the project before completion - a fate that should only be given to games designed and coded so poorly, and showing such little promise, that there is little hope of redemption (picture the recently released Dark in this situation instead of Bloodlines). Instead, Bloodlines had enormous but not-quite-there-yet potential on its release. Now, if addidional funding and time was allowed, and after that time had passed the game still wasn't there yet, that would be a different story.

If the person(s) making the decisions at Activision had the creative passion and development knowledge of someone who had a credible background in such things, I bet they would have seen that yes, Troika already had 3 years of development, and yes, they were an unproven studio, and yes, there would have been a bit of risk involved in extending funds and development for another 6 months to a year. But if someone with a balanced approach of sturdy business knowledge and creative vision was calling the shots and played the game himself near the time of release, they would have seen the true potential of Bloodlines. Besides, it's never a good strategy on the purely business side of things to go head to a head with (insert blockbuster first-person shooter franchise here). Surely even a "businessman" on the publishing side should realize such a simple thing.

Regardless of any heart-breaking "what-if" scenarios regarding Troika, it is simply amazing what they accomplished with Bloodlines without the additional time that they would have needed to complete the finishing touches.
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