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July 11th, 2013, 08:52
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
Well, I got about an hour of play on the plane (still beta testing another iPad game which is using most of my time). Some thoughts:

- FPS on iPad = guaranteed compromise. For me, that means managing the frustration of how much better it would play on a PC.
- Hybrid controls - helps manage frustration Tap to cover is a decent system.
- Graphics - quite solid, on the level of X-COM.
- Performance - also solid. I always reboot the iPad after installing a demanding game to free memory, and didn't have a single issue.
- Story - very average, haven't read the book it works from, but since the game is episodic it might get better (heck, it might get better as I play)
- Enemies - remember the Ctrl-Alt-Del comic about Thief Deadly Shadows? Yeah, they are THAT dumb maybe even dumber.
- Stealth - I am not the greatest stealth player, but I still found my play hampered by the enemy AI.
- Overall gameplay mediocre. FPS stuff easily the worst part of the game.

Based on an hour I would say ~3/5 stars would be as high as I would go - definitely not 2/5, but certainly no higher than 3/5.

For $6.99 I have already had a reasonable amount of fun and don't feel ripped off, but if you are looking for a true DX experience this is the worst thing since Invisible War crapped all over my hard drive in 2003
Thank you for the feedback

I'm a huge DE fan, but at this price level I won't be trying it out. It's obviously not a game for me…..




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