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July 11th, 2013, 17:40
The problem from Hollywood's perspective is that some sites don't contain fansubs but are ripped transcripts from a DVD. Those are usually shown as .idx files and are pretty large (I think they include font graphics). Fansubs are usually small files that are basically .txt so anyone can edit them, but because of different time systems used inside, usually you'll see them as .sub, .srt or .ass file.

Now I do agree that ripping transcripts is illegal, but raiding a site who's members did their own translations from one language to another and are giving those to anyone for free is IMO just plain wrong.

I'm unsure what quality difference can be there, but here's one example when I hated the professional translator of a certain movie I saw on IPTV.
In the movie a certain character explains his inability to deduct something by saying "I'm not Nancy Drew". Now we all know who Nancy Drew is, hell is there anyone who doesn't know that? Seems there is. My bloody translator, instead of leaving the original name, made up something else with rhymes, so the translation, translated back to english would look: "I'm not Eve the Detective". Three times!

But if all the fuss came because of site adds, and now when you mentioned it, it's definetly possible, then I'm even more angry.
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