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Default A warning to people considering buying Magic 2014

July 12th, 2013, 08:23
The new magic 2014 duels of the planeswalkers game is plagued with bugs. Both WotC and the developers refuse to provide any form of support for the game.

The worst bug is that for some ps3 users, the game simply never works or loads. You see an intro screen and hang on it clicking X but it never loads. Some people resolve this issue by having to disconnect their router. Some people can not resolve it in any way. One ps3 user reported that after buying 2014 it hung up on the start screen as mentioned, and he could not fix it. He then loaded his 2013 version of the game and it also hung, which it had never done before. He then tried his 2012 version and the same thing happened. The response from WotC? Silence. WotC refuses to offer any form of technical support for the game or bug fixes. The developer links to WotC's community forums as a support resource, but there are no officials apart form one guy who only locks threads (and specifically locks threads related to the ps3 issue mentioned) in those forums and all that happens is people report bugs to a self important fanboy who compiles a list that WotC then completely ignores.

Do not gamble your money on this game, please google it for whatever platform you might buy it on and see the laundry list of game breaking issues.
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