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July 12th, 2013, 19:47
Originally Posted by SpoonFULL View Post
Just to point out that Mars and Dark are totally different games with different pricing models. Dark is an action stealth game with skill development; there is no dialog, choices and consequences, crafting .. etc. It is also released with AAA pricing model. It is 6-10 hours long with no replay value.

Mars on the other hand, is a rpg with characters customisation, skill development, crafting and strong emphasis on choices and consequences along the lines of Witcher 2. It costs almost a third of an AAA title, and is 12-15 hours long with very good replay value.

I found the latter to be a well written and implement rpg with excellent replay value.
Sure the details are a bit different from a consumer POV, but they are pretty similar under the skin - you play a single character and wander around a 3D map. Problem is to sufficiently differentiate your game you need loads of high quality assets: animation/art/writing etc. And that's where the small fry can't compete.
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