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July 13th, 2013, 07:18
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For your game specifically, I would suggest heavy elements of investigative gameplay. For e.g. What is this artifact - can someone tell me more about it? Maybe some researcher's notes will shed light on it? What can I surmise based on my own current abilities? I've encountered a trap/puzzle in the dungeon - what are the clues to solving it?

A feature I would request is elaborate and instructive feedback on failed skill checks. So instead of "Lockpicking failed" or "Your lock-picking skill is not high enough", you could say "The mechanism proves too difficult for your fumbling fingers and snaps your lockpick. You may need a better lockpick or more importantly, greater skill at using one"
I think I have found a template for what I want the engine to be like, or very similar to it. The engine that was used to make the tactical combat Silent Storm games was used to make the tactical RPG Hammer and Sickle.
This engine has built in gameplay mechanics that allow for:
I read that Hammer and Sickle was developed as a mod for Silent Storm with its editor, then made into a stand alone game.

The game engine environment is built in isometric 2.5 D, and gameplay mechanics are built to automaticaly give players several options of how to approach tasks in its environments from:
1. shooting through windows,doors and thin walls,
2. climbing over fences, furniture,through windows, on top of cars, on top of single floor buildings and ladders,
3. great cover mechanics for percentage cover and destructible cover as it gets shot or grenaded,
4. prone/crouch/walk/run positioning,
5. facing and turn based combat.

Most of the environmental interaction I was talking about is there already, the combat and movement mechnic engine is first rate, might be the best ever! We would mostly just have to add Context sensitive object selectable options for "Examine", "Search", the engine already has inventory tool sensitive options for lockpicking, and disarming traps and mines.

The map and level design is cool as well, you play on local area maps like NWN, then go to a world map where you select which particular area map to travel to.
It seems more interactive then tactics games like Commandos, yet it has the RPG stats, options, and dialogue nearly on par with games like Fallout.

I think many RPGs could have and even should use this engine, it is supreme in tactical ability and environment interaction even for adventure style gaming.

We might have to contact Nival Interactive/CDV publishing/Strategy Core about the Silent Storm engine running H&S.

A few questions concerning the game:
Does anyone know how to remove companions, temporarily or not?
Also, how do you advance time, any way besides travelling to new locations?
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