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July 13th, 2013, 09:24
CK2 has been very successful, so I doubt they will discontinue it any time soon. Also, I recall, they recently committed to supporting it for another 2 years. I'm rather hoping, in fact, that they retro fit CK2 with some of the improvements from EU4 - the new interface, for instance, looks like a big jump in usability.

When I think of RPG features I tend to mostly think of character differentiation and progression, which CK2 has a lot of. But in fact it doesn't much matter to me whether it is characters or something else that is progressing - you can do much the same sort of thing with say cities or stars in 4x games. They can have attributes (defence, garrison, manufacturing power etc.) and analogues to crafting (e.g. you need 10 wood to make a pallisade) and even inventory (e.g. your capital discovers a great philosopher).
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