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July 13th, 2013, 11:10
Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
EU games are pure strategies(with minor RPG elements in case of CK, Sengoku and Rome) so I don't think they should be covered in news.
As I said before I think EU 4 will be milestone in series like EU 3 was, there are some big changes in series that will affect future games.I don't know if they will stick to new "no sliders" policy for future games because I am not sure how Victoria or Hearts of iron would work without them.
I don't think the question is whether Paradox's games would be classified as RPGs by a judge and jury, clearly they wouldn't, but whether a substantial amount of people here might be interested in this type of game.

To my mind the most exciting and vibrant area of PC gaming design right now is this cross over between strategy gaming and role playing games. And it is happening from both sides. We are getting RPGs and RPG tactics games with much deeper strategy elements. Conversely, strategy games are incorporating more and more RPG features, viz Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes. I think RPGWatch should be there to view these emerging developments from all sides. And who cares about precise definitions anyway?
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