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July 13th, 2013, 11:44
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
CK2 has been very successful, so I doubt they will discontinue it any time soon. Also, I recall, they recently committed to supporting it for another 2 years.
I was not aware of that, this is good news! I would really like to see a CK3 that continues to evolve the series.

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
I don't think the question is whether Paradox's games would be classified as RPGs by a judge and jury, clearly they wouldn't, but whether a substantial amount of people here might be interested in this type of game.
I agree. I think there are enough "role-playing" opportunities in the games to justify coverage here, especially since they qualify as a type of game that I imagine many RPG fans on the PC platform would have interest in. Other strategy game probably wouldn't cut it - Rome 2, for example - but if silly classification debates of "what makes an RPG?" are thrown out, Paradox titles offer a lot of similarities to the games that RPGWatch users typically enjoy or show interest in.

Originally Posted by Roq View Post
To my mind the most exciting and vibrant area of PC gaming design right now is this cross over between strategy gaming and role playing games. And it is happening from both sides. We are getting RPGs and RPG tactics games with much deeper strategy elements. Conversely, strategy games are incorporating more and more RPG features, viz Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes. I think RPGWatch should be there to view these emerging developments from all sides. And who cares about precise definitions anyway?
This is an exciting development, and it's something that I've wanted to see for a long time. I've long thought that grand strategy games are excellent sandbox/unscripted environments for implementing choice and consequence and the telling of personal "stories" through political manipulation, family dynasties, warfare, espionage, etc. If it were possible to have a grand strategy game with a completely unscripted campaign but with great dialogue and evolving "stories" based on the world's state and the player's choices, I would be in heaven.

And regarding definitions, it really doesn't matter to me - a great game is a great game. But there are certain things that I want out of a gaming experience, and chief among those is player agency. Player involvement and the ability to play an active role in the story or setting is why I gravitate towards certain games, and it's the biggest advantage that this media has over any other. Strategy games and RPGs happen to have the most player agency compared to the other genres, and that is very appealing to someone like me.
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