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July 13th, 2013, 18:24
Originally Posted by Nerevarine View Post
And regarding definitions, it really doesn't matter to me - a great game is a great game. But there are certain things that I want out of a gaming experience, and chief among those is player agency. Player involvement and the ability to play an active role in the story or setting is why I gravitate towards certain games, and it's the biggest advantage that this media has over any other. Strategy games and RPGs happen to have the most player agency compared to the other genres, and that is very appealing to someone like me.
Agree with your thoughts about player agency, very well put. A lot of mainstream "modern" games are very much constrained by having to align your character throughout the game with particular story steps, cut scenes, voice overs etc. so all you really get to do is waggle your sword, AK47 or whatever a bit between scripted events in which your character is a puppet. It's very hard to incorporate meaningful decisions into this type of game and since they serve everything up to you on a plate, the game world feels rigid & constrained, like early adventure games where if you headed in the "wrong" direction you got instantly terminated.
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