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July 14th, 2013, 07:08
OK, I think (hope) I've tracked down these three bugs

The keys are no longer equippable. It simply closes the dialog.

The blank spots showing up on the minimap turn out to be legacy "arrows" (v,^,<,>) from when the minimap was textbased. The original tile variable being used was not getting reset for who knows why (timing issue likely) so simply removing the one line fixes it. Thank God!

Another Thank God! moment is I hope I fixed the save game issue. I tracked down the empty save game not as a load issue but a save issue. I think it got screwed up if I tried to save twice too quickly or somesuch. It now exits the CampActivity outright after save the way Load Game does.

One bug could have been horrible but this save game issue could have been a disaster. I will continue to monitor this.

There are random and rare crashes after boss battles. I need to track down why.

Here's a couple of new images
Jan Van Eyck's "A Man in a Turban":

Odilon Redon's "The Smiling Spider":

and how it appears in game:

you'll note the different blacks on the spider. In game it works much better as otherwise it was a "cheshire spider".
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