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July 14th, 2013, 09:47
Originally Posted by Roq View Post
For me traditional 4x games such as Civ 5 can be great fun in the early stages, but suffer very heavily from micromanagement overload as your kingdom size increases. Usually by the time you reach the middle stages of the game it's all over bar the shouting from a competitive point of view, but it's a very drawn out process getting the AI to lie down and die.
I never play these games against the AI, except as practice. I'm only into strategy games for the multiplayer potential. I consider defeating the AI an inevitability in any game you play to any serious degree - so that's boring.

As for the mid-late game, Civ 5 expansions have hugely improved those aspects of the game - and have done a lot to make them interesting. I haven't played BNW much yet - but it's clear to me that the mid-late game problem has been dealt with to a large degree.

It really is the best Civ at this point.

Paradox haven't solved this problem entirely yet (we'll have to see in EU4), but it's not nearly so acute, because the economy is much more concentrated and to take CK2 (their most recent game) as an example: As you progress through the game you also (if you play for territory) progress up the county/duchy/kingdom/empire hierarchy. The clever mechanics in the game mean that you can only control the vassals directly beneath you in the hierarchy. And since you also restricted in the size of your "demesne" i.e the territories you can directly control, micromanagement is much reduced.
I don't have a big problem with micromanagment, as long as there's the potential to automate most of it - which is the case in Civ 5. Also, I definitely prefer some level of micromanagment to the extremely abstract nature of the Paradox games.

I need much more tangible visual feedback than what Paradox give their players. It's like everything I do in those games is about adjusting a slider and imagine what's actually happening as numbers go up and down.

That said, I like the stronger historical flavor of EU and CK. I love that sense of real history unfolding - even if it's very, very abstract.




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