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July 15th, 2013, 00:48
Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
[OT]Urgh. I don't like the Apple stuff (unless it's the real, edible thing). Even though I'm quite attached to some labels, to the point of buying stuff by a favorite lable out of sympathy even if other stuff is of objectivly better quality.[/OT]
I agree. I dislike Apple, ever since learning about PRISM.
I dislike Microsoft too. For at least a decade or so. In the past I have taken serious steps to try a Linux distro, but never made the actual switch.
I try to use as much non-Apple apps and non-Microsoft software (as well as non-Google stuff) though.
So I hope - back on topic - people will use Dailymotion or some other alternative instead of YouTube links, as much as possible. Thank you.
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