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July 15th, 2013, 13:23
Originally Posted by sea View Post
Right, so if your friend, without your permission, copied your essay verbatim and then changed the wording in a few sentences and handed it in as his own work, then your professor gave both of you an F and had you expelled from your university, would you be cool with it? Where do you draw the line?
I'm mostly a customer here, not one of those who write articles here.

My only "real" article I ever wrote was an AOW article I long ago wrote for the Dot. I guess you didn't give credit for that, too ?

Apart from that, I *did* send in newsbits quite a lot. And I always believed that a) the link itself tells the people receiving my message where I have it from, b) I gave the source as far as I know it.

Once I found out (or was it twice ?), that an RPG-related newsbit I had found at the German magazine's web site of the magazine called "PC Games" was in fact from Gamebanshee.
So, they basically "stole" that newsbit from Gamebanshee, too.

Where do you draw the line where a Newsbit is coming from, when it comes from a source both of the Watch and Gamebanshee are drawing from ? Will you accuse other sites of stealing News when in fact the source has been different ?

And News - News is imho still something different than an Academic Paper.

Who will remember this Newsbit after 10 years?
Who will research *any* Newsbit after 10 years ?

Who will remember an Academic Paper after 10 years ?
Who will research *any* Academic Paper after 10 years ?

To me, these 2 are different "worlds". In Journalism, people copy from one another.
Not fully written reports, of course.
As soon as a Newspaper has a headline, you can be sure that it will be in another Newspaper the other day.
And a third'll probably make a proper report out of it.
That's how I know it from Newspapers.
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