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July 15th, 2013, 14:47
I can't believe what this thread turned into.

First I have to say that about the Phenomic/EA thing I've heard on another site linked nohow to RPGwatch, GameBanshee or whatever .biz site that's cited. So I really don't care who copy what and from where especially where noone made any profit on others' work.
Second, I wish Brother None was still on GB as this would never happen if he was… How should I put it… Still alive? He would know when is more appropriate to use PM instead of hijacking a thread.
Third, I can't remember when was the last time I visited GameBanshee to get any news. From time to time I do read a review there - if it's "advertised" on RPGwatch news. And it's always credited ofc.

What exactly is the fuss about? A word, a sentence or two? If this was about copying someone's memoirs or doctorate, I'd understand. But it's actually about a "confirmed rumor" that EA bought Phenomic, case closed. But no, why would we leave it on that, let's insinuate a conspiracy since we're bored.

No matter what, I still won't be searching for news on GB but here. And I still won't care if something is copied or not as long as the primary source is noted, and in this case, it's some .biz site - and I don't see they're complaining.
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