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July 15th, 2013, 19:24
I had a high end Alienware laptop long ago. Very powerful but had a persistent heat problem which kept burning out the motherboard. I had purchased a 3 year warranty for it and the first time I called in they told me that it wasn't covered by warranty. After paying alot of money for this computer that wasn't even close to an acceptable answer and of course I got it covered but that they even told me that pissed me off. This problem came back once a year so it went back to them several times until it was finally out of warranty and died. Their stuff is powerful but If I pay a premium price I expect premium service which I did not get. I would not recommend them.

I bought the CEO of the company I work for an ASUS G series laptop last year and he loves it. Rock solid so far. Those excel spreadsheets take some serious power you know.
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