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July 16th, 2013, 06:17
The update seems to have fixed the "load to red" issue. It's a long update and it appeared to die on "Initializing" when it was actually just thinking for several minutes. Be patient, grasshoppers. Introduced a couple new headaches, apparently, with not remembering previous data like account and last world played.

Anyhoo, Klubbir's status:
Rank 38
Carnival done
Delera Q1 done
3 Barrel untouched
Necro 1: 2/4 flags done, Bloody done
House K 5's done
STK done
Tangles 5's not done

Basically, I need to stay off Klubbir until a few of you do some catchup or I'll hit the ceiling. I'm not sure how I've gotten ahead of the group, particularly since I have no XP tome running and don't use XP pots. Maybe I've gotten involved in some catchup sessions when I wasn't the one catching up and being just a 2nd lifer probably isn't helping matters. I don't really care about hitting the ceiling, but unless I'm needed for assistance of others it's probably an unnecessary complication since I'm not missing any content the group intends to run. As a 2nd lifer, there's no real benefit to "banking" extra XP for the higher levels.

We'll see where the rest of the group sits, but perhaps this next week we should do a split where some of us work on their 7s while others run 14s or some such. There's not a whole lot of lvl6 content (since we seem to be punting on 3 Barrel again, it's mostly various bar quests), so maybe this "problem" fixes itself soon.
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