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July 16th, 2013, 09:50
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Google "RPG grinding" and see what comes up. There's an official (and I use that term loosely) definition.

Anyways, I'm not arguing about the combat in Wiz 8. It's definitely a drawn-out affair most of the time. I just didn't find the game to be grindy in general.
The first wiki link I clicked describes grinding as engaging in repetitive tasks, basically. That's pretty broad - if you ask me.

When I'm talking about "grindy combat" - I'm talking about the level of repetition I encounter during combat, really.

While it's obviously true that you engage in repetition for a reason (as you wouldn't be doing it otherwise) - I don't think "grinding" is an easy thing to define for the majority. Well, not if it's to be of much use for communicating our positions.

I really think people have very different concepts of it - and it's obviously about what kind of activity they enjoy, and what tolerance they have for repetition. Also, a "repetitive" task to one person will be quite enjoyable to another person.

Beyond that, the "goal" accomplished through those repetitive tasks will have a wildly different appeal to different people. Some people really LOVE accomplishing stuff - even if it's minor. I guess we could call that some form of OCD

Other people prefer the "goal" to be significant and something tangible.

I don't think there's any way to establish with certainty how "the majority" views grinding.

But we don't have to agree about that.

As for Wiz 8 - I understand that a lot of people really love it - and they either love the combat or don't mind it that much. That's fair, and sort of proves what I'm trying to say.

We just like different things in different ways, and it's all good.




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