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July 18th, 2013, 02:31
Tempted to pick up Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition for $7.49 (also Arkham asylum GOTY edition is up for $4.99) Not an RPG, but it's supposed to be a pretty alright game I hear and it does look very good on a high end PC above and beyond how it looks on consoles.

Dark Souls is going for $7.49 right now, might be tempting if you haven't grabbed it already.

Both of those include all DLC/bonus packs.

I'm curious about Mount and Blade - they have the entire franchise for $8.74 for the next 40 hours or so (Mount and Blade, Mount and Blade: Warband + Napoleonic Wars, and Mount and Blade: With Fire and Sword.) Heard people rave about the combat in that - tempted to pick it up at those prices.

Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Normal edition + all DLC is less than 4€.
When we're seeing something like this from Bethesda or EA? Never? Yea…
I couldn't resist but bought a copy just to gift it to a friend.
Well I did buy fallout new vegas and fallout 3 complete editions with all DLC for 4.99 US the other day so… kind of. If you're wondering why Skyrim might not have been so heavily discounted,well it's still among the top selling games during this sale as expensive as it is. It would be counter intuitive to cut a price by a factor of ten while it's selling rather well; also having only recently put out the complete compilation version it would be a particularly weird move for any publisher. As far as EA goes, they let let products die more often than they discount them that steeply (they do once every blue moon though.) They're thinking might be that deep discounts might hurt the sales of their other newer games. My thinking is they're probably wrong, they are the professional bean counters not I.

Also paid for them with those steam trading cards entirely - so if you end up with about 40 of them or so might as well sell them. You get them when playing your games during the sale too not just buying games, so they can accumulate. Though if they go back up to two dollars each then yeah might be smarter to sit on them, but since they're giving them out like candy that might not happen.
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