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July 18th, 2013, 16:38
Gothic used a great "trick". To get more mobs on the map you've cleared, you have to progress to the next chapter. Solve a quest. Unless you solve it, you won't see new mobs. Of course, new mobs are harder than the old ones. And that design worked as a charm for me.
Meanwhile, if you start Skryiming as a pacifist pumping up crafting, bertering and whatnot not touching any "chapter" as there are no chapters in fact but grinding quests called sandbox (using a word grind by developers is not something positive), you finally go to nail a mob or two to find out they've improved their fighting options (not "communication skills" but resists, health points and damage). Awsome design, I hope they get Nobel prize for it.
I'm not a masochist. So passing by a location in Skyrim I've cleared recently and getting "ambushed" in my case is too irritating. So what I do? I get pulled into it, loot everything there to discover later that I shouldn't have touched an item named "ancient book" or something as now I can't finish the goddamned quest related to it. And that's GOTY? Yea, right.

Honestly, apart from visuals and music, there is nothing in Skyrim that I can describe positively without mentioning at least one annoyance. And these "must have" mods listed above enhance what? VISUALS!
Who needs an enhancement of something that's already well done? Why fixing something that is not broken? Would you really go wash and paint your car if the motor farted and say "it's a must!".
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