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July 19th, 2013, 08:09
The Balcony Team has posted a few updates for it's kickstarter game Balrum. So lets get started as we missed a few updates.

The first update is called, "About us and Balrum".
Since we are an unknown developer team we felt that we need to talk about ourselves a little bit. After that we will talk about Balrum too so hang on!

We are two greenhorn game developers who want to create an RPG that is not your typical RPG game and cannot be categorised so easily. Did I mention greenhorn? Yes, you need to start somewhere. We started to work on Balrum about two years ago. We created a custom engine because we wanted total control over our game and also we wanted to learn how things work inside a PC. The result is and engine that has low system requirements and is flexible enough for us to implement things pretty fast.
Next we have a new video.


Time for a little video update!

In this video we use our dev powers to create interesting situations in the world! Spawning spiders and wolves!
Up next they talk about modding and new rewards.
NEW REWARD. EARLY BIRD! Digital downloadable copy of Balrum: DRM-free for PC, Mac, and Linux. (you get the game for all platforms) Get the game for a special early bird price!

NEW REWARD. EARLY BIRD! (All previous rewards) and you get everything listed in the LORE reward, but for a special early bird price!

NEW REWARD. LORE: (All previous rewards) and your name will be inscribed on one of the worlds objects. This object might be a painting, book, statue, armor, weapon, letter, recipe, stone tablet or something alike.

Modding: We cannot guarantee that we will have modding tools at launch, but modding is something that we really would like to support! The editor that we wrote for the game is somewhat human friendly now, but it is certainly not ready for the masses. This means that after we release Balrum there is a good chance that we will be able to work on getting the editor in shape!

Translation: We support translators, they will be able to translate the games text. It will be simple to start translating because only xml files need to be altered.
More information.
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