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July 19th, 2013, 09:52
"Almost" finished Batman Arkham Asylum.

I was quite enjoying it at first - but I actually quit playing after encounting the third ultra annoying boss fight in a row at the end of the game.

I was playing on hard - but it wasn't that hard, really - just frustrating because of camera and control issues. The last few fights had so much needless repetition and an archaic way of challenging you that I just stopped. Usually, I OCD that kind of thing - because I haven't completed a game until I've actually beaten everything fair and square, but I guess I've gotten old.

As far as I'm concerned, I beat the game.

But it also reminded me of how much I hate traditional boss fights - even in a game like this, where you're sure to encounter them. I loved the initial stages of the game - because it was more about discovery and exploration. Pretty soon, it devolved into trivial back and forth fetch quests - and predictable combat setups.

It reminded me a lot of Bioshock, actually. In that same way, it was too short - too fetch questy, too cramped, too fight-oriented, and so on. The good bits were the same as in Bioshock, namely exploration and finding audio logs.

Also, both games have wonderful premises with great locations - and both games have stories that sort of fizzle out around half-way through.

I have to give it credit for an excellent atmosphere, though - and all the production values are top notch. I was particularly impressed by the animations and character model artwork.

But it was too much arcade beat-em up and too little stealth/exploration for my tastes.

I've installed Arkham City - and I'll see if I can stand more of the same. I know it's more open world - but I'm not expecting it to break from the formula all that much.




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