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July 19th, 2013, 17:09
Playing System Shock 2 now - what a game. If I want to summarise this game it would have to be like this (following description will explain this equality - also notice that the order of this equality by time precendence):

Dark Souls == System Shock 2

I was amazed by SS2 atmosphere, difficulty level (I died alot), the interconnectivity of the levels, the exploration aspects, the amazing level design, the various and detailed skill levels, the intended respawning and therefore the incredible balance of all these aspects in the gameplay. It also has rough like features in that the initial skill set can initially determine your survival in the initial stages. I found all of this in Dark Souls (although on a smaller scale and in space) and hence the equality (and lets not forget the quantum disentanglement booths and bonefires!).

Truley amazing game and well ahead of its time.
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