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July 20th, 2013, 18:08
Originally Posted by ChaosTheory View Post
I sense that some of you DA2 haters are starting to loosen your stance on DA3. Before it was, "I'll never buy this game" but now it's "I won't preorder". By this time next year it'll be "No way will I buy horse armor". LOL

I think BioWare deserves another chance. While it may not be the game everyone wants, I think they learned the big lessons from DA2.

This is how this works for me.

I never finished BG even once, and I bought it on release. I liked it, overall, but found it very slow.

I did finish BG2, twice, once right away and a second time maybe three-four years ago. Really liked it. Great game!

LOVED KotOR. Played it about four times. Awesome game. And I am NOT a fan of Star Wars at all.

Super-excited for NWN. Took me over five years to play through the OC once, many starts and stops. In the end my need for loving it failed. I hated NWN in the end. And it helped me understand how much I dislike 3E D&D.

Enjoyed Jade Empire for one play. But never got far in any replay, and in retrospect I don't think the game was that good. Glad they tried something different here, but in the end it didn't really work for me.

Mass Effect. Played that four times all the way through, one was a + game. Love ME greatly. Amazing game, universe, etc.

Dragon Age: Origins. This was a game I had wait for, for a long time, and it didn't fail to deliver. It was excellent. Three full playthroughs, many starts but not finished since (currently playing one right now.) My favorite BioWare game, and one of my favorite cRPGs.

ME2. Improved a lot of gameplay mechanics, took care of a lot of little annoying things about ME1. Great game, but I like ME1 more.

DA2. Huge, HUGE disappointment. Many series changes made that I just do not like, a few things were improved but mostly a bad series of decisions, especially the story and the ending. A solid game, if taken as something separate from DA:O, but as a follow up to Origins it really fell flat. THAT SAID, I still mostly enjoy the game.

ME3. Improved more COMBAT gameplay mechanics, stripped a lot of character and role-playing from the series. HORRENDOUS last act, specifically from the charge of the elevator forward. Gainax ending. Ending so bad it spoiled what had been, otherwise, a fairly stellar gaming experience. In retrospect, the focus on combat over all else in ME3 really hurts my opinion of it as well.

While I did try TOR, and somewhat enjoyed my month of playing it, I'm not an MMO-gamer and in the end I wish they hadn't done it.

So the direction of BioWare in their last three games (towards MMO, towards actiony-twitch combat, the dialog wheel, dumbing-down dialog choices, gutting C&C, towards multi-player, etc.) has move further and further away from me.

DA:O was strong enough a game, and DA2 was enjoyable enough, that I still hold SOME interest, in passing, for Inquisition. But BioWare has gone from a pre-order Colletor's Edition game company (for ALL games from BG2 forward for me) to a "I'll check it out and probably pick it up on sale" which is QUITE a fall.
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