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July 20th, 2013, 22:41
This game looks pretty sexy (watching yogscast play thru day 1 on youtube). It's what minecraft could look like if it was written in a programming language suitable for game development.

I also would love to see more games like this, where you can co-op an MMO or Skyrim type game hosting your own server, minecraft style (except I could give a crap about modding, even though obviously many love that).

IMO, TESO is going to be trash. What would've been 100x more awesome would be to lay a skyrim-like game with just your friends on your own hosted world - having your own persistent world for just you and your friends, without the endless sea of morons that seem to plague every MMO these days.

Anyways. Looks like I have to talk my minecraft crew into buying in to the cube world alpha.
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