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July 21st, 2013, 01:34
OK, boys and girls, it appears that the "other half" took level 8 last night. CM is the only one behind and she's told us to rock on. Apparently we're all officially done with lvl5 content. If you ain't got it, take lvl8.

On deck, we've got bar quest mania. The only chain work we've got is Delera Q2. We've got tons of lvl6 bar quests to tackle:
House D- bounty hunter
House P- trolls, purge
House J- dead pred, sleepy mirra, red willow, dead girl
House K- ruined halls, lost caverns
We also have the choice of doing the lvl6 Devil's Assault. As a special treat, we can put the whole gang together for a slightly short-manned Chronoscope raid. If I've ever run that raid, it's been long enough that I completely forget it, so I'd really like to work that into the schedule if we can.

I recommend we tackle Delera first since it's "mandatory". Then we can run bar quests until we hit lvl9 or our eyes bleed, whichever comes first.
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