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July 21st, 2013, 04:45
XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Continuing my trend of being late to the party, I just finished up the new XCOM. Overall, a very fun squad-based game with which I had very minor complaints.

The real fun in the game (for me) lied in researching new tech and interrogating captives. The campaign's reveal of enemies was also very well-paced and it was interesting to see their different abilities played out.

The missions themselves, however, often felt fairly tedious, at times making me wish there was a setting to enable real-time movement until enemies were visible or you specifically wanted certain squad positioning. The ease with which enemies seemed to hit my squad-mates was also annoying - forcing me to reload more often than I wanted. I'm not sure how players manage Ironman.

I'm looking forward to a second playthrough as I'm wondering what will be different (if anything of consequence). At the least, I hope to garner more than a measely two psi soldiers as I did in my first playthrough.

Best moment of the game: the first mission with Chryssalids, when my entire troop is in Overwatch mode, going through clip after clip, desperately trying to keep the things out of melee range and their one-hit kill attacks. And, meanwhile, being assaulted by the army of citizen-turned-zombies that I can't get to in time. FUN!
Worst moment of the game: being super broke and unable to do much of anything for 2-3 months because I didn't understand the importance of satellites.

Rating B+

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